Project PU Battle of the Week [Week 8 voting phase]


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Won in what was definitely a series of all time, ggs! - this one was for fun

I definitely had fun playing in these older gens, so thank you to everyone that voted for me, to Shane for the games, and to ishtar for being such a great host! Only two of the teams I used were actually mine (big s/o to tap, evi, and roy for the swsh, bw, and sm teams, respectively, cool squads), I'll edit in descriptions later.

Game 2 (ORAS) - Choice Specs Basculin

The idea here was to use Choice Specs Basculin--a Pokemon that normally runs mixed or purely physical sets--to lure in and wear down bulky Water-types like Pelipper and Lumineon so that Swords Dance Monferno can more easily set up and go to town. Past that, Klang + Vibrava offer both frail breakers momentum and, along with Clefairy, form the team's defensive core. Choice Scarf Mr. Mime provides Healing Wish support, offensively checks Chatot and opposing Monferno, and can disrupt teams really nicely with Trick. As for the actual ORAS game, I could've played more aggressively after losing Klang and Vibrava, though I also could've avoided Defogging in the first place. Rocks weren't that annoying really, but I don't like having frail Pokemon that already can't take hits get chipped.

Game 3 (SV) - Hyper Offense

I made this team earlier today just for the fun of it, and I liked it in testing enough to want to use it for BotW. Dugtrio is the lead, not much to say about it other than that its Speed tier is incredible right now and Rock Blast was mainly for Focus Sash Masquerain. Skuntank forces chip and revenge kills, and Memento is always really nice for offensive teams. You sort of just choose your own adventure with the remaining four. Scovillain and OTR Farigiraf can steal games really easily even without Memento support, Samurott's blend of bulk, strength, and priority guarantee it will do something in most games, and Rotom-S was just a fun pick to check Appletun, Sandslash, and Fightings as well as click Volt Switch. Tera Blast Water is sort of there as a last-ditch effort against Fires, but I had Tera Steel for the resistances to Psychic, Poison, and Rock before.

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I had a tonne of fun with this. Thanks to everyone who voted me in, ishtar for hosting and of course asa for the great games, and congrats on the win! I mainly wanted to have a good time playing these so the teams I made are more on the fun side but I made sure they're still at least competitive and all of the games we had were close. Going to run through the teams in the order that I built them since that kind of contributed to the overall gimmick I was going for.


I've always liked Fraxure's and it's a fun mon so I just picked him first and rolled with it. I wanted to go SD instead of DD because I think it's much better as a core breaker than it is as a sweeper, where I feel it can get miscast. Solrock came next as a fun looking rocker that could kind of deter normals and ferno which seemed cool. I thought it performed well in the brief time it was in but it dropped to an untimely crit, definitely something I might explore again later though. Against skrimps's better judgement Chinchou was next, and it performed about as awfully as he said it would. Looks good on paper but the bulk just isn't there and it's so passive, though this was probably a particularly bad matchup for it but still. I wanted something to help with Duo / Behe and I absolutely adore the Krok line so in came the rok himself. I like the idea of a strong pursuit and the typing is great but idk, it's not as strong as I hoped which hurt it a lot this game, though it still got in multiple times so think there's merit there somewhere. I've been meaning to use sub-roost Swanna for a while so she was next and then scarf Ferno was added last for some speed. Both these mons are great so there's not a whole lot to say there.

Ultimately this team actually performed alright! Fraxure did its job of breaking the Klang for Swanna to try and win and Krok sort of trapped the tentacool, chunking it for 40% early. Playing into t-spikes sucked which I kind of knew would be a problem, I wasn't bringing tentacool because zero fun and this tier has very few other hazard control options or poison types so I just decided to suck it up. Fun game though and Swanna seems kinda broken still.


I always love some funky HO and that's exactly what this was. Trubbish is unique in that it's the only pokemon in the tier that gets spikes, tspikes and explosion, making it really good at laying hazards and then keeping them up in the face of a defogger. Sadly I got caught off guard by a Specs Basculin this game and it didn't get to do much as a result. Golem does lead Golem stuff, Purugly is for speed control, to punish defogs and fake out + tspikes is always nice! It also has HP grass to bonk Golem which can help ferno and pawn. Speaking of them, they're tried and true set up sweepers that appreciate hazards. Regice fills in the last slot to sponge special attacks, mainly from Frostom, and set up with Rock Polish.

I'm not super convinced by this team and there's some obvious holes, like no water resist but I think there's something to the core idea. It did ok in practice, but it sort of became a game of managing sacks towards the end and came down to a ferno speed tie which suggests to me that it's just lacking too much defensively right now.


I wanted to keep the Monferno theme going but it just seemed so bad this generation so I pivoted to Combuksen and opted for a sub toxic set. The team was mostly built around facilitating that, alongside another sub tox mon in Kanga. Hex Jelli seemed a natural partner and Ferro is great with that, Qwil gave tspikes while providing some umph with SD 2 attacks and Primeape was the speed control.

The idea of these builds are always fun, though I think this build was particularly clunky and didn't enjoy playing it all that much. Offensive Jelli is super good though so that's something!


Oh SS PU my beloved. I thought this team was a lot of fun, the only problem was I mistakenly gave Combusken protect twice instead of toxic, which defeated the entire purpose of the team! The busken set was meant to be two attacks pro-tox, as focus blast is nice to have this gen just for smashing Gigaliths and making it so that Wishiwashi can't sit on you. Offensive weezing was next, with timid making it so that you outspeed magneton and kill with fire blast. Honestly gunfisk was mainly because I didn't want to use gigalith on a fun team, and archeops is pretty much mandatory beside it to not lose to zard. Super-geist provided a nice sandslash and water check and ribombee provided speed control and heal bell support, as well as defog in case the hazard situation got really bad.

The mistake on busken was really painful and the matchup was pretty dire as a result. I had very little way of breaking through jellicent and the inability to pressure charizard meant I could never keep hazards up. Managed to sort of claw my way back through Archeops being a top 3 mon in the tier but was lacking just a bit. A key poltergeist miss on a Charizard defog didn't help things either.


This team wasn't all that exciting and I didn't particularly like it so I won't say much. The main thing of note is the Braviary set which I think is very cool, though I played this game poorly and it didn't get to shine as a result.

Thanks for reading and gl to next week's battlers!

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